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What Percentage of Companies Use an ATS or HRIS?


Hiring can be complex, time-consuming, and tedious, which is why many organizations rely on technology to organize and manage the hiring process. For example, some companies might use an ATS, or applicant tracking system, to specifically manage the recruitment process by collecting applications, organizing candidates, and managing communications. Many organizations might also use an HRIS, or human resource management system, which typically manages a variety of different HR functions, from hiring and onboarding to compensation and performance management.

But how many organizations are actually leveraging these technologies for their HR and hiring needs? Earlier this year, we put out a survey to hiring professionals, and one of the questions we asked was exactly that. We compiled the results in our second annual Pre-Employment Testing Benchmark Report, and here’s what we learned about technology usage amongst employers today:

Percentage of companies using ATS or HRIS to hire

According to the survey, 55% of hiring professionals are currently using an ATS or HRIS to assist in the hiring process. In addition, 19% aren’t currently using any system but are considering using one in the future. Just 20% have never considered using one.

The majority of companies may be relying on technology to manage their hiring processes, but is the usage the same across different sized businesses? Unsurprisingly, the usage of either an ATS or HRIS differs quite a bit as you look at varying company sizes. For example, for companies with less than 100 employees, just 36% are using an ATS or HRIS. Compare that to companies with over 500 employees, where 89% are using an ATS or HRIS. These systems provide the most value as a way to organize massive amounts of candidate and employee data, so it makes sense that it's a best practice for larger organizations. However, smaller businesses clearly get value out of relying on technology to offload some of the hiring process as well, especially with SMB friendly software that can scale as an organization grows.

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