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Top 5 Industries That Are Hiring the Most as Restrictions Loosen

Top 5 Industries Hiring

As the tumultuous effects of COVID-19 begin to wear off, we must look to the future of a post-pandemic economic landscape. Back in March of 2020, certain industries were hit more than others by the effects of the shutdown – industries that relied heavily on in-person business were impacted the most. But with greater vaccination rates and looser restrictions on the horizon, the economy is opening up, and with it comes more job openings.

This means that employers in key industries need to prepare for an influx of applicants in order to prevent vacancies from sitting too long. While many industries may be bringing back furloughed employees, nearly 16 million people in the U.S. have filed address changes within the past year, and many more have made career changes. In addition, many businesses are introducing remote or hybrid roles moving forward, which also reshapes what the hiring process may look like. For example, virtual interviews can make it possible to find and hire candidates outside of the typical search range.

With these changes in mind, here are the top five industries that are predicted to receive a high number of applicants.


As vaccinations for adults ramp up and herd immunity sets in, the education industry will be in dire need for workers. From local and state education jobs to the private sector, the education industry will grow as it becomes safer for students to get back to school. Jobs such as teaching assistants, tutors, and curriculum developers will be in high demand as traditional and hybrid models begin to bring back students.


The construction industry added 110,000 new jobs in March 2021 alone. With 1.45 trillion dollars being spent in construction in 2021, it is estimated that there will be at least half a million to a million new jobs added in 2021. With low wages hindering other industries, such as the restaurant industry, workers may start looking towards the unionized, competitive construction market. As workers look towards stable jobs, applications will roll in for employers in construction.

Healthcare Support

As more and more people get vaccinated, non-emergency occupations in the healthcare industry are coming back. Dentists, dermatologists, and physicians need assistants as patients come back into their offices. Jobs like personal care or home health aides have also risen in the past year. Employers should look forward to seeing these open positions fill with applicants as assistants return to the office!

Administration Support

Whether working from home or returning back to the office, companies are needing to hire positions from office receptionists to IT Support. As more companies choose to allow employees to work from home, technological services are needed to maintain the needs of current employees and new hires. And for those businesses that are returning to physical spaces, there is a renewed need for general office worker positions, such as office managers.

Transportation and Logistics

With the increase of employees working from home, companies often need to send equipment or sensitive information through couriers. The transportation industry added 48,000 jobs in March 2021. With online shopping also increasing in popularity, transportation jobs have risen up by 23% since February 2020 and are continuously growing. These jobs include delivery and truck drivers, parcel couriers, and warehouse workers.

With the country lifting restrictions, the industries most affected by the pandemic need to prepare for the bounce back. Industries that were bolstered by these events should also see growth as consumer and employee needs evolve.

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