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Reopening Strategy: Webinar Recap

Reopening the office

Whether your organization is already transitioning back to the office, or if the majority of your team is still working from home, the truth is that the workforce is in a major state of flux. The process of returning to work and reopening the office looks different for every organization. Some businesses require in-person activities to function, such as those in the manufacturing or restaurant industry. Other organizations may be finding, to their surprise, that remote work is actually working out just fine.

Ultimately, the goal for most organizations is to get the business as close to full productivity as possible, while keeping both employees and customers safe. Organizations must simultaneously balance their goals and initiatives with governmental guidelines, which vary widely from state to state and even from county to county.

In our latest webinar, we explored the steps you can take to evaluate the right reopening strategy for your organization. How can you successfully devise a talent management strategy with the realities of today? In this webinar, we covered the following seven steps:

  1. Do a debrief.
  2. Revisit organizational goals.
  3. Assess operational readiness.
  4. Reconfirm workforce and staffing plans.
  5. Evaluate remote work.
  6. Establish an employee safety plan.
  7. Create a pandemic plan.

Click here to access the webinar on-demand.

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