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New Features Strengthen Candidate Experience Through Feedback


A great candidate experience forms the bedrock of a strong employer brand. Every individual that your talent acquisition team interacts with is a potential influencer whose opinion of your organization can impact your customer base, your revenue, and your ability to attract quality talent.

Despite the outsized influence candidate experience can have on your brand, many organizations struggle to deliver a cohesive, positive experience for candidates. In general, candidates seem to be increasingly dissatisfied with the current state of affairs. According to the Talent Board’s 2019 Candidate Experience Benchmark Research Report, there has been a 40% increase in candidate resentment since 2016, with only 4% of candidates willing to increase their relationship with a company through applying again or referring others.

The dismal figures have a silver lining. Talent Board’s research report also found that providing opportunities for feedback from candidates – as well as giving them feedback – can drastically improve perceptions of your organization. According to the report, when given feedback, a candidate’s willingness to increase their relationship with the employer goes up a whopping 20%.

Here at Criteria, we’ve long been advocates for treating candidates as equals throughout the talent acquisition process, and our commitment has informed the way we design and deliver our assessments through our software. Two new features, in particular, seamlessly integrate feedback – one from candidates and the other for candidates – into the assessment experience to form a stronger bond with your candidates.

Candidate Feedback

Our on-demand assessment platform now offers candidates an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback on their experience after the assessment is complete. By simply clicking on an emoji, candidates can provide vital information to you on their assessment experience without adding more time to the process.

Workplace Insights

We’re really excited about the new Workplace Insights report, which allows you to share a candidate-facing report with candidates who take the Employee Personality Profile (EPP) assessment. The report provides candidates with insight into their strengths and potential areas of development to help them improve their self-awareness and understand how to relate better to others in the workplace. The Workplace Insights report is easy to interpret and not only incentivizes candidates to complete the assessment, but also creates a positive brand experience by giving candidates useful information that they can use to improve – regardless of whether they were hired or not!

Taken together these two new features, available to all our customers, ensure that the candidate’s experience is baked into your recruitment process, making them equal stakeholders in your process and laying the foundation for a meaningful relationship.

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