English Language Proficiency Test (CLPT)


  • Reading comprehension
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Listening comprehension
  • Writing ability
  • Image and text interpretation 
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A Fast, Functional English Language Proficiency Test for Employment

The CLPT is an English Language Proficiency Test that provides a fast, customizable way to measure English language proficiency at any level, and for any role. It measures a job candidate’s proficiency with the English language using a range of business-relevant tasks that assess up to three skill areas: reading, listening, and writing skills.

The CLPT comes in two versions:

  • CLPT: modular, customizable  
  • CLPT Express: faster, shorter 


Why use the CLPT English Language Proficiency Test?  

As a pre-employment test for English language proficiency, the CLPT offers several key advantages when assessing job candidates for employment:  

1. Customizable: assess the language skills you need for your roles – no more, no less. 

2. Faster: adaptive scoring adjusts the difficulty of the questions as the candidate responds, pinpointing the candidate’s proficiency level faster, and with fewer questions than a non-adaptive assessment.  

3. Candidate-friendly: a faster assessment leads to a better experience, and tailoring the question difficulty to the candidate ensures the candidate doesn’t get frustrated by questions that are too easy or too hard.  

4. Device-agnostic: candidates can take the test on the device of their choice, including most phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.  

5. Rigorously validated: CLPT was constructed through a rigorous validation process by our team of I/O psychologists.  

6. Aligned with CEFR: with the modular CLPT version, you can standardize scores against the CEFR equivalent. (CEFR is the Common European Framework for Reference for languages)  

7. Job-related: items and prompts are related to common on-the-job or generic situations, ensuring that the assessment objectively measures the skills needed in the workplace.  

8. Culturally Sensitive: items are reviewed by sensitivity experts to ensure they are applicable across cultures and ethnicities.   


Two versions for measuring the English language skills you need: 

CLPT Express
Assesses: Up to 3 skill areas: Reading, listening, writing, or any combination  All 3 skill areas: Reading, listening and writing  
Time : Approx. 7 mins per skill area.  21 mins for all 3 skill areas  Approx. 7 mins total  
Use when : You want to choose specific skill areas 

You want individual scores and proficiency levels for each skill area, and/or CEFR equivalent scores
You’re recruiting for roles requiring specific areas of language proficiency
You want a fast, accurate snapshot of overall proficiency 

You’re conducting high volume recruitment or hiring for roles requiring general English language proficiency


Sample Questions

The CLPT provides a range of questions designed to assess a candidate’s proficiency with the English language. Reading and listening items are evaluated through multiple-choice questions, while writing items are evaluated through open-text questions that are scored with innovative AI. 

Example Reading Question:  

english language proficiency test sample reading item

Example Writing Question:  

english language proficiency test sample writing item

Example Listening Question:  

1. Candidate listens to the audio clip 
2. Candidate listens to response options and selects the correct response

english language proficiency test - sample listening item


Intuitive Score Reports

Each score report provides information about a candidate’s standardized score and proficiency level. For the full CLPT version, you will also see individual scores for each skill area that is assessed, as well as a CEFR equivalent score for each skill area.  

Sample Score Report:

Sample scores on English proficiency test report


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