Workplace Alignment Assessment (WAA)


  • Candidate work preferences
  • Alignment between a candidate’s work preferences and what the organization provides
sample score report

Why Assess Alignment?

When many employees are leaving their jobs because they don’t feel their needs are being met by their employers, it’s more important than ever to identify candidates who will feel valued by and committed to your organization, and more likely to stay for longer.

Every candidate is looking for something different when it comes to their next employer. Maybe they value job security, or they’re more interested in career advancement. Or perhaps they’re most interested in recognition over compensation.

Similarly, every organization offers a different work environment. The goal of the Workplace Alignment Assessment (WAA) is to measure the degree of alignment between the candidate’s values and the environment your organization provides. When employees feel that their most important needs are being emphasized by the organization, they’re more likely to be engaged, committed and willing to go the extra mile at work. Plus, they’re more likely to stay with the company for longer.

Test Description

The Workplace Alignment Assessment (WAA) helps organizations identify people who are more likely to be committed to the organization, satisfied in their role, and willing to put in extra effort at work. The assessment provides insight into the work factors that are most important to a candidate in their ideal job and then compares those preferences to an organizational profile. By selecting a candidate whose work preferences are aligned with what the organization provides, you’ll build a more engaged, satisfied, and committed workforce.

When the most important aspects of a person’s ideal job are actually provided and emphasized by the organization, then that person is more likely to:

  • Remain with the organization
  • Become committed to the organization
  • Contribute positively to the organization

Find Candidates Who Are More Compatible with Your Organization

The WAA asks candidates to describe their ideal workplace using a standardized set of 20 work factors. For example, do they value creativity over advancement? Or in-depth training over autonomy? 

This candidate profile is then compared to an organizational profile that describes what the organization offers to its employees.  

Detailed Score Reports

The WAA score report displays an individual’s percentile ranking for their overall degree of alignment with your organization, which indicates how committed and satisfied the candidate is likely to be in the role.

It also gives you a breakdown of the alignment across each of the 20 work factors to help you understand areas of strong compatibility and potential misalignment and provides suggested interview questions so you can explore these areas further during the hiring process.

Validity Information

Our I/O psychologists constructed the WAA to provide a reliable, valid, and fair indication of alignment between individual work preferences and the organizational environment. The assessment was validated through a series of studies involving individuals from over 50 different organizations and demonstrated strong correlations between alignment percentiles on the WAA and ratings of job satisfaction and commitment.

Promoting Diversity

Using the WAA in the hiring process can help you increase alignment between the organization and employees in terms of work needs and preferences, while also promoting diversity. While the factors each candidate is looking for in an ideal employer are different, these aren’t associated with any particular age, race, ethnicity, or gender. In other words, by focusing on a candidate’s work preferences and comparing them to your organizational environment, you’re adding another piece of objective suitability information to your hiring process and promoting a more diverse workforce.

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