Cognitive Aptitude

Criteria Attention Skills Test (CAST)


  • Mental fitness
  • Concentration
  • Attention and focus
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Test Description

The Criteria Attention Skills Test (CAST) is a short (9-12 minute) test that measures a person's concentration and ability to sustain focus on one or more tasks while avoiding distractions. The CAST consists of four of the subtests of the MRAB (Divided Attention, Selective Attention: Vigilance, and Selective Attention: Filtering, and Perceptual Reaction Time).

Because of its ability to measure concentration skills, the CAST helps predict employee success in a wide variety of positions — ranging from skilled manufacturing jobs to casino gaming dealers to video surveillance workers. For vehicle (and heavy equipment) operators, there's a strong correlation between high attention and concentration levels and a low percentage of operator error — so the CAST is also used to help predict job performance for pilots, delivery drivers, and truck and bus drivers.

Top Jobs for the CAST:

  • Truck Drivers — Light or Delivery Services
  • Security Guards
  • Gaming Dealers
  • Video Surveillance Workers
  • Air Traffic Controllers

Languages Offered:

  • English (US) - Default
  • Spanish (Latin American)


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