Pre-Employment Testing Made Easy

Aptitude, personality, and skills tests to help you streamline your hiring process and find the right talent.

Criteria's Employment Tests

Our comprehensive test portfolio includes pre-employment tests designed by Harvard University psychologists. Find the aptitude test, personality test, or skills test that best meets your organization's needs.

  • Aptitude tests measure critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to learn and apply new information.

  • Personality tests assess behavioral patterns and traits that affect an individual's workplace performance.

  • Skills tests measure basic competencies that are associated with essential work activities.

Pre-Employment Testing Benefits

Pre-employment testing reduces turnover, increases productivity, and lowers hiring and training costs. It provides objective data on candidates and allows you to make more informed hiring decisions.

Case Study: A leading apparel retailer used Criteria's tests to predict productivity for its sales associates. A validation study showed that those who passed the test sold more than 20% more than those who didn't.

Average Sales Per Hour by CBST Score

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HireSelect Features

Flat-Fee Pricing

Criteria's flat-fee pricing allows unlimited use of all tests. Prices are tiered based on company size, so that testing is accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. Find out more about our pricing.

ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

Estimate the impact pre-employment testing can have on your bottom line with our ROI Calculator.

Industries Served

HireSelect is used by organizations in a wide variety of industries. Find out more about how we've worked with your industry.