Want to take HireSelect to the next level? HireSelect Pro makes it easier to manage the whole hiring process within one system. In addition to all of the features included within the unlimited testing service provided by HireSelect, Pro's applicant management tools can help automate the hiring process and save you valuable time. HireSelect Pro makes it possible for small and medium sized businesses to reap the benefits of an applicant management system at an affordable price. For companies that already have an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), HireSelect Pro makes it possible to integrate our tests seamlessly with a wide selection of applicant tracking systems.

HireSelect Pro: Quick Tour

In addition to all the features provided by HireSelect, HireSelect Pro includes:

  • Customizable candidate emails and automated candidate workflows
  • An interview calendar, allowing candidates to schedule their own interview times
  • The ability to collect additional documents from candidates, such as cover letters or work certifications
  • A branded candidate test center, so you can customize the testing environment with your company's logo and messaging
  • Applicant tracking system (ATS) integration

Customize and Automate Emails to Candidates

HireSelect Pro allows you to create email templates for any stage in your hiring process, such as invitations to take an assessment or to schedule an interview, or polite "thank you" notes for the applicants who don't meet your selection criteria. You can automate these emails so that they are sent to candidates when they pass through certain stages within the workflow manager, or you can send the emails directly.

Schedule Interviews with Candidates

The Interview Calendar allows you to easily schedule interviews with candidates. You can set up a calendar for each hire, or you can set up a perpetual calendar that allows you to reserve regular times for conducting interviews. The interview scheduler allows you to email candidates with a list of designated time blocks for interviews. Once a candidate selects a time, you will receive a notification email with an attachment that you can download to enter the appointment into your calendar program.

Collect Documents from Candidates

While HireSelect allows you to collect resumes, applications, and test scores, HireSelect Pro gives you the option to collect any additional documents you might require as part of the hiring process. Use the tool to prompt candidates to upload documents including cover letters, writing samples, work certifications, and more.

Customize the Test Environment with your Logo and Messaging

With HireSelect Pro, you can customize the test center to make the testing environment consistent with your employer brand. Create a customized welcome message, add your company's logo, and redesign the look and feel of the welcome page. This feature allows you to control the messaging in the test center so that candidates who click on a link to take an assessment will see your branding associated with the test.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Integration

Already have an applicant tracking system, or ATS? HireSelect Pro allows you to integrate the HireSelect testing platform with the ATS of your choosing. Integrating with an ATS allows you to automate test administration and push the test results into the candidate record within the ATS, organizing all the information you need to make hiring decisions in one place. We partner with a large selection of ATS providers so that you can streamline all of your hiring activities within a single system. Some of the ATS providers we work with include, but are not limited to: ADP, iCIMS, Taleo Business Edition (TBE), HireBridge, Hyrell, Jobvite, MyStaffing Pro, Greenhouse, and more.

* Some applicant tracking system integrations may involve additional fees

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