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Pre-Employment Testing 3.0 Tracing ROI Across the Entire Employee Lifetime

In this on-demand webinar, we'll discuss:

  • The past and present of assessments
  • Major trends in the hiring landscape that are catalyzing a new phase of pre-employment testing
  • The growing importance of evidence-based hiring
  • The bottom-line value of a good hire, from new hire to long-term employee
  • Areas of innovation in assessments, and the next frontier



About 82% of companies are now using some form of pre-employment assessments in the hiring process, and most HR professionals have a general understanding about the types of assessments that are out there. But just like any other technology, pre-employment assessments are rapidly shifting to adapt to the changing needs of businesses today.

Many of these changes are driven by larger shifts in the hiring landscape. Employers are finding themselves in a candidate-driven market, and candidate experience has grown in importance as a result. At the same time, organizations are increasingly driven to make more data-driven, evidence-based hiring decisions. This excitement around data isn’t just a fad. It’s based on the very real results that data can drive, especially when applied correctly.

These changes have spawned a new phase of assessments, which we like to call Pre-Employment Testing 3.0. In this new phase, assessments are expected to be even faster, even more candidate-friendly, and even more predictive. More importantly, in today’s data-driven world, organizations want and need the data gathered from assessments to tie into the company’s bottom line. This webinar will outline how the next phase of assessments will trace the ROI of a good hire across the entire employee lifecycle.

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