Maximize Your Talent Success

Your dedicated I/O Psychologist will work with you every step of the way throughout your subscription, to help you maximize the value of assessments and make better talent decisions. They can provide training sessions tailored to your organization and requirements, expert advice, and validation or ROI studies to quantify the impact of assessments on your business-critical metrics.


Talk to an Expert

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Customized training and workshops 

Every organization has unique hiring processes and role requirements. With this in mind, your I/O Psychologist will create and deliver tailored training sessions for each team that will be using the system. We’ll also help you get key stakeholders such as hiring managers, in-house psychologists and your C-suite on board with your assessment program and feeling confident with the tools. 


Validation studies and ROI analysis  

To help you evaluate the effectiveness of using our assessments on key business outcomes, your I/O Psychologist can analyze and report on: 

  • Candidate quality 

  • Recruitment process efficiency  

  • Improved candidate experience 

  • Job performance gains 

  • Commitment and job satisfaction  

  • Turnover and retention 

  • Integrity and safety 


Score range recommendations and finetuning 

With over 30 million assessment completions, we can help you implement the right score ranges for your roles and industry, so you can appropriately identify the most promising candidates. 

We’ll also adjust your benchmarks and score ranges based on the results of validation or ROI studies we complete for you. 


Illustrait and job-related competencies 

Illustrait gives you a targeted, accurate way to assess the competencies required for successful performance in a role. Your I/O Psychologist can develop and deliver customized education sessions to your TA team and other stakeholders, and will also support you in selecting the appropriate competencies for your specific roles and develop benchmarks to help you identify top performers. 


Video interviews: education and guidance 

Using Criteria’s integrated video interviewing tool? We’ll conduct training with your HR team and the relevant stakeholders on best practices for designing and delivering effective structured interviews that meet your requirements. Your I/O Psychologist can also work with you to develop an appropriate question bank, set up evaluation guides, help with candidate messaging, and analyze candidate scores and performance.  


Maximizing Talent Insights 

Talent Insights is our exciting new offering in the post-hire space, to help you build more effective, communicative, and harmonious teams. We’ll deliver a tailored training session to your leaders and managers to help them optimize Talent Insights data and drive enhanced communication, onboarding, motivation, performance, and internal mobility.