Manufacturer Uses Mechanical Aptitude Test to Enhance Hiring Process

Job Performance Ranking
by WTMA Score

Challenge: A large manufacturer of packaging solutions wanted to maximize its quality of hire (QoH) by selecting a pre-employment test that predicted job performance for its machine operators.

Solution: The company administered the Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude (WTMA) to 82 of its incumbent manufacturing personnel. The five-point performance rankings for the employees in the sample group were then compared to their WTMA test scores.

Results: Employees who scored over 50th percentile on the WTMA received much higher performance rankings than those who did not. The higher-scoring employees received average performance rankings of 3.9, vs a 3.4 average for those who did not. Since 79 0f 82 employees received rankings of 3, 4 or 5, this difference was judged to be very dramatic. Moreover, all 12 of the highest ranked employees (ratings of 5/5) received passing scores on the test. The observed correlation (.23) between WTMA scores and performance was statistically significant (p < .05).

Based on the results of this local validity study the company implemented the WTMA as a selection instrument to be utilized for screening all its future applicants for its manufacturing positions.

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