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Trends in Pre-Employment Testing: Webinar Recap


Last month, we published out our 2018 Pre-Employment Testing Benchmark Report, which explored trends in hiring and pre-employment testing based on the responses of over 350 hiring professionals from nearly every industry. And just yesterday, we hosted a webinar that took a deeper dive into some of the data. Here’s a snapshot of what we covered:

  1. The roles and responsibilities of hiring professionals
  2. The biggest priorities when it comes to hiring
  3. Projections for hiring volume and HR budgets in 2019 (and the implications of these forecasts)
  4. Areas that hiring professionals plan to invest in for 2019
  5. The benefits of pre-employment testing
  6. The types of tests companies use, and how that aligns with their predictive ability
  7. When and who companies are testing in the hiring process, and why this lines up with hiring strategies
  8. And much more!

If you missed the webinar, don’t fear! Click here to listen to the entire webinar on-demand.

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