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The Jury's Still out on AI-Driven Hiring


In the hiring and HR space, the use of artificial intelligence when screening applicants remains polarizing. That’s because at it’s core, AI can only be as smart and bias-free as the people who implement it. On one hand, AI is an incredibly powerful tool when used responsibly, transparently, and ethically. But on the other hand, AI can be leveraged in incredibly harmful ways – especially when it comes to hiring. The proper use of AI in hiring requires dedicated oversight to ensure that everything is working as it should.

So it’s not surprising that when we polled HR professionals, their feelings on using AI was split. Our most recent benchmark report found that just 13% of them were planning to introduce more AI-driven hiring into their recruitment process. The overwhelming majority were either unsure if they would (44%) or were not interested (43%) in adding artificial intelligence to their hiring process.


In general, the use of artificial intelligence is still in its infancy. The hiring space is uniquely human, and the ramifications of misused or improper AI can be embarrassing and expensive. Bad AI can bring down employer brand or even lead to costly discrimination lawsuits. For these reasons, it makes sense that AI-driven hiring makes HR professionals uneasy. But there are ways to limit the risks associated with AI-driven hiring.  It will be interesting to see how feelings about AI shift in the coming years as technology and understanding evolves.

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