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Future-Proof Your Workforce: Webinar Recap


In today’s competitive hiring market, employers are facing a steep challenge when it comes to finding candidates with the right combination of skills and experience. The perfect candidate rarely exists, especially in high-demand fields, and many hiring managers are having to rethink what qualifications they need to look for when identifying the applicants with the highest potential.

Earlier this week, we hosted a webinar with HR Bartender’s Sharlyn Lauby where we explored the key factors that contribute to job performance. We honed in on the concept of trainability, the quality that predicts how quickly someone will be able to pick up on training once they are hired.

Trainability is so critical because, in the absence of concrete skills and experience from a previous job, your new employees will need to learn entirely new skills before they can get up and running. New employees who can’t pick up on these skills may require longer training cycles or may eventually leave the company. Knowing who is most likely to be able to learn and apply new information is crucial when it comes to taking a chance on less experienced candidates.

In this webinar, Sharlyn outlined a few of the ways that hiring managers can evaluate a candidate’s trainability, from behavioral interview questions to cognitive aptitude assessments.

Click here to access the entire webinar on-demand.

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