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Emotional Intelligence at Work: Webinar Recap


Emotional intelligence is rapidly becoming one of the most important qualities needed to succeed in the modern workplace. 71% of employers now value emotional intelligence over IQ, and it’s no wonder why. In a world full of uncertainty, organizations are realizing the need for employees who are empathetic, understanding, and self-aware.

And that’s not all: in an earlier blog post, we explored the many ways that EI helps employees succeed. From stronger interpersonal relationships to stronger leadership skills, EI leads to better performance outcomes across the board.

In our latest webinar, we discussed why emotional intelligence has emerged to be such a necessary skill today, and why hiring for emotional intelligence can help you build a high-performing team. We discussed some of the research that has been conducted around the relationship between emotional intelligence and job performance. We also took a dive into some of the results that major multinational organizations experienced after prioritizing EI in the selection process. And finally, we discussed ways to reliably measure emotional intelligence in your job candidates with our new assessment, Emotify.

Interested in learning more about emotional intelligence and its impact in the workplace? View the full recording of the webinar on-demand.

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