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Achieving Hiring Success in 2019: Webinar Recap


A new year offers new opportunities to improve the hiring process for the better. Yesterday, we hosted a webinar that aimed to explore some of the biggest trends in hiring this year and to identify the most impactful ways to drive success within the context of today’s hiring landscape.

Some of the major trends we see shaping hiring this year are the candidate-driven market, the increasing importance of workforce diversity, and the growing acceptance of technology in the hiring space. When it comes to the tactics that we predict will drive results this year, we covered ways to:

  • Grow your applicant pool through sourcing tactics
  • Standardize your hiring process to be more objective
  • Improve the candidate experience
  • Focus on more predictive factors for evaluating candidates
  • Improve your hiring diversity efforts
  • And more!

And finally, we discussed ways to prove the success of your efforts this year by tracking the right success metrics for your organization.

Click here to access the entire webinar on-demand.

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